This website is about achieving financial independence through thrifty living, getting out of debt, saving money and investing for the future.  The credit card companies want you to be in debt up to your eyeballs and then miss a payment so they can charge you a $35 late fee and move your interest rate up to 30%.  The major banks want you to put your money in a savings account earning 1/2% interest.  If your credit card company has it's way, you will never be out of debt and no one has ever gotten rich from earning 1/2% on bank savings account (other than the bank). What is good for the credit card companies and good for the major banks is clearly not good for you.  This website is about living a thrifty life by looking for the best value for your hard earned dollars.

What Do I Know About Thrifty Living?

In May 1995, I was living beyond my means, in debt up to my eyeballs and I was feeling the financial squeeze of barely getting by.  A job change gave me some financial breathing room.  That allowed me to shift my focus to thrifty living, getting out of debt and getting serious about saving money and investing for the future.  In July 2000, I was bored to tears (almost literally) at my job.  I had saved my money and made a lot of sacrifices over the years.  The financial resources I had accumulated gave me the freedom to make the decision to quit my job.  I retired at the ripe old age of 38.  That was twelve years ago and I have not worked for anyone else ever since.

Achieving financial independence has been a passion for me since I was a teenage.  It was a long road.  I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned a lot along the way.  My hope is that with this website I can help others on their journey to achieving financial independence through thrifty living.

Low Cost Cell Phone
Are you tired of $30+ cell phone plans that require a 2 year contract? There is a cell phone plan that can cost $8.00 a month or less, with no contract.  This is a great plan for people who only occasionally need to use a cell phone.

How To Establish Credit
How To Establish Credit is a simple plan to get your first credit card and start establishing a good credit history.

High Interest Savings Accounts
Your local bank is probably paying around 0.5% interest on savings accounts.  Find out where you can get over 4% on a regular savings account.

Debt Payment Strategy
If you are working to payoff your debts, which bill should you work to payoff first? The page helps you decide the best order to payoff your debts based on your particular goals.

Prepaying Your Mortgage
Is paying extra money on your home mortgage really the best use of your money? This page outlines the advantages and disadvantages of paying off your mortgage early.