The cost of cell phone service has always kept me from signing up.  With most cell phone plans starting at $30 a month, I never thought I would make enough cell phone calls to justify the expense.  I was also not interested in getting stuck in a two year cell phone service contract.  With pay phones disappearing, living without a cell phone was becoming increasingly inconvenient. Happily, I finally found a cell phone service plan that I could live with.

Low Cost Cell Plan

T-Mobile Prepaid is a great low cost cell phone plan. You can get a Nokia prepaid cell phone for as little as $29.99 after discount, with 10 minutes of talk time and a $25 prepaid refill card.  The cell phone basically comes with 140 free minutes that are good for 90 days.  If you value the free minutes at 10 cents each, the phone only really costs you $16.  Once you have used all your free minutes or your available minutes are about to expire, for $100 you can buy 1000 minutes good for the next 365 days.

Why Prepaid Cell Phone Service?

If you are thrifty with your cell phone minutes, you have cell phone service for as little as $8.33 a month for the first year.  Once you have purchased $100 worth of minutes, each time you purchase additional minutes, all of your minutes are extended for 365 days.  That means you could have a phone for as little as $10 a year with 30 minutes of calls. The best part is you get low cost cell phone service without having to sign a contract!  The downside is this plan does not allow for roaming outside the T-Mobile network, so check the service area before you buy.

Who Should Consider Prepaid Cell Phone Service?

T-Mobile Prepaid is is a great cell phone plan for the person that occasionally makes short phone calls around town.  This low cost cell phone plan may also make sense if you are a moderate cell phone user.  By my calculation, you have to use at least 300 minutes a month before a monthly cell phone service plan starts to make financial sense.  So the next time you are in the market for cell phone service, consider whether a prepaid cell phone plan is right for you.

Low Cost Cell Phone
Are you tired of $30+ cell phone plans that require a 2 year contract? There is a cell phone plan that can cost $8.00 a month or less, with no contract.  This is a great plan for people who only occasionally need to use a cell phone.

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